Ready to use prioritized Hyperautomation requirements, to:

Design, develop and implement test framework, project planning, test tool development, automation, debugging and defect analysis Work with JavaScript, Php, NodeJS, Java to design and implement automated test frameworks Actively engage in testing technology discovery and solutions for on-prem and cloud Manage code versions in source control and coordinate changes across enterprise team Participate in architecture design and discussions Solve complex software issues around test automation frameworks for UI, API and mobile testing and data integration Supports the development and design of the internal data integration framework. .


    • What tools, systems and software being used currently will have a role in the automated process solution?
    • Does management have a process in place to automate controls for large volume transaction processes to improve efficiency?
    • What architecture would allow you to automate the existing process using a hybrid approach and ensure that the architecture can support the evolution of processes over time?
    • Does your organization have an automated process for documenting the EA?
    • Do you have an automated process for defining and enforcing user account roles?
    • What will the automated to be process look and feel like to end users?
    • Do you have an automated charge back and subscription fee billing process that is transparent to and easily understood by your customers?
    • Do you have an automated user request process that captures all required request information?
    • Do you have an automated and validated process to recover applications in a disaster?
    • How much of the process could benefit of automated or ready to use technologies?

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