Ready to use prioritized ISO 38500 requirements, to:

Assess the benefits and the risks of information by using tools such as business capability models to create an information-centric view to quickly visualize what information matters most to the organization based on the defined business strategy; create and manage business information models in all their forms, including conceptual models, relational database designs, message models and others; use tools such as business information models to provide the organization with a future-state view of the information landscape that is unencumbered by the specific data implementation details imposed by proprietary solutions or technologies; lead decision design; participate in the analysis of data and analytics security requirements and solutions and work with the chief information security officer (CISO) and Chief Data Officer (CDO) to ensure that enterprise data and analytics assets are treated as protected assets. .


    • Reconcile Enterprise Architecture work, information management and data governance.
    • Improve the effectiveness of security and risk management programs as well as clearly articulate the connection between IT risks and business impact.
    • Analyze data in motion when it has not landed in a database yet.
    • Use the information and the tools that the government has available to it that is unique and ensure that you defend that.
    • Ensure that everyone who needs to have certain information gets it when they need it.
    • Integrate the work of IT with that of records and information management (RIM) professionals and the legal department.
    • Position information governance, data management, BI, quality, enterprise architecture, risk and data science.
    • Extend the analytics capability beyond your developers, data scientists and business analysts so its accessible closest to the decision maker.
    • Demonstrate that the business processes you have employed are being adhered to as documented.
    • Know what was done to the data before you use it.

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