Ready to use prioritized IT OT Convergence Trends requirements, to:

Be sure your team manages manufacturing enterprise systems such as enterprise resource planning, product lifecycle management, manufacturing operations management, manufacturing execution systems, supervisory control and data acquisition and building automation system as well as control systems and automation technologies. .


    • Bring data together across the entire organization in order to reduce the impact of adverse events and improve inventory and manufacturing performance.
    • Better involve business function system owners in security planning.
    • Know that your security solution will successfully integrate with your network architecture.
    • Know who has access to what.
    • Sort through the data to filter out what you need to turn it into actionable information.
    • Ensure that corresponding complex pieces of software will produce safe behavior.
    • Improve the time to market of models and improve the performance in production.
    • Convince management of the importance of convergence.
    • Create new business concepts & value.
    • Make disparate types of devices capable of using power industry protocols.

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