Ready to use prioritized IT Security requirements, to:

Make sure your organization reviews incoming projects for Information Security requirements, determines the scope of Information Security services needed to address project demands, performs quality control on Information Security threat and vendor risk management products, and mentors team members. .


    • Does your management team have access to compliance reporting that illustrates your organization of your IT security preparedness?
    • How in control are you of the number of versions of CIs that are in use, and what is the impact that has on your ability to enforce IT security and protect your information assets?
    • Does your organization have a log management or security information and event management (SIEM) system?
    • How does your organization ensure the effective use of security controls and authentication tools to protect privacy for those systems that promote or permit public access?
    • Do your organizations IT modernization efforts result in an increase or decrease in the IT security challenges your organization faces?
    • Does your organization have a Chief Information Security Officer (CISO or equivalent title)?
    • Does your organization have approved information security policies, procedures, and controls?
    • As your organization has increased your investment in public infrastructure cloud (IaaS), how have IT security factors changed?
    • Does your organization have a formal security operations center or team that actively manages security incidents and events as they are generated?
    • Does your organization have appropriate IT Security policies governing user access that are effectively implemented?

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