Ready to use prioritized Information Security requirements, to:

Make sure the Information Technologies Security Officer leads and manages development of information security strategies and plans to prevent the unauthorized use, release, modification, loss or destruction of data and other information assets; facilitates the involvement of key stakeholders in plan development processes designed to assess the business impacts of various security approaches and develop security plans that balance security needs with business operational requirements, stakeholders and team members; leads and participates in plan development tasks, including conducting risk assessments; evaluating security management options; developing procedures and protocols, including designating and training of primary and backup recovery teams, develops and implements comprehensive communications plans and tools. .


    • Does your organization have an information security management system to manage your organizations information security?
    • Does your organization have an information security implementation strategy as per the risk analysis results that its implementation is undertaken as part of your organizations work plan?
    • Does your organization have a strategy for the use of information security technologies that are implemented and updated according to the needs and changes in the risk profile?
    • Does your organization have a written and periodically updated information security plan that includes the log management infrastructure and surrounding policies and procedures?
    • What governance arrangements does your organization have in place to implement and maintain its information security plans and measures?
    • Does your organization have an ongoing information security risk assessment program that considers new and evolving threats to online accounts?
    • Do you have an engaging and effective information security awareness program in place across your organization designed to influence and drive new cyber resilient behaviours?
    • Do you outsource your information security management to a qualified organization specializing in security or have staff responsible for and trained in information security?
    • What action has your organization taken to ensure that testing and evaluating controls becomes an ongoing element of departments overall information security management programs?
    • Does your organization have a documented and approved information security plan, that includes a dedicated data protection security team?

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