Ready to use prioritized Information Systems requirements, to:

Verify that your company provides a first level Cyber Security review of Information Technology (IT) solutions, IT upgrade proposals, business application development proposals, new IT implementation plans, operating system conversion plans, IT outsourcing plans, and related information systems change requests. .


    • Are there established and implemented procedures to restrict system access to only authorized personnel based on need to know and to other information systems based on business function requirements?
    • Does your organization have procedures in place to expeditiously remove identification, premises and information systems access for employees who has been terminated?
    • Does your organization currently have procedures to regularly review records of information system activity, as audit logs, access reports, and security incident tracking reports?
    • Have you reviewed the roles and responsibilities of System Owner, System Operator, and Data Custodian for the information and information systems within your System?
    • Do you have physical and logical security controls around information systems and databases to avoid unauthorised access and detect/prevent potential data leakage?
    • Do you conduct a production test of standby information systems on the backup site periodically in order to ensure smooth switching to the backup site in case of production system failure?
    • Does your organization have a help desk group that offers advice and assistance to users of the information system for the handling and reporting of security incidents?
    • Does the program have the internal controls, human capital, and information systems and other infrastructure it needs to reduce IPs to the levels your organization has targeted?
    • Do your staff members have appropriate awareness, knowledge and skills to maintain the security of the network and information systems that support your delivery of essential services?
    • Who will develop and manage your organizations information governance plan, information system security plan and data resilience or backup plan?

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