Ready to use prioritized Information Technology Strategy requirements, to:

Assess, modify, enhance and develop the enterprise strategy for information security and compliance in partnership with peers and business leaders, creating short and long-term initiatives that support business objectives that mitigate company risk and protect data security. .


    • Balance the growing need for information technology management with tried and true business practices.
    • Engage different technology users in developing and implementing strategic information systems that will meet the information and support needs.
    • Assess your technology and data to ensure you have the information to accept risk.
    • Measure, analyze, review, and improve performance through the use of data and information at all levels and in all parts of your organization.
    • Ensure that your use of information technology is aligned with your business strategies, goals and needs.
    • Know if an MSSP has the technology resources to meet your security needs.
    • Use technology and people resources to continually improve the quality of information and information services within your organization while meeting legal and ethical requirements.
    • Get the most out of the information and technology you have access to.
    • Demonstrate that the business processes you have employed are being adhered to as documented.
    • Align your business goals and your Information Technology strategies.

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