Ready to use prioritized Insider Threat Prevention Strategy requirements, to:

Lead application security solutions, data loss prevention solutions, insider threat solutions, enterprise vulnerability management and support business development (merger, acquisition, divestiture) security and IT solutions. .


    • How does your organization verify that all cleared employees have completed the required insider threat awareness training?
    • Which organization information does your insider threat detection program leverage?
    • Does your organization have a defined insider threat management program that involves cooperation among multi disciplinary areas of your organization as human resources, IT and legal?
    • How does your organization work to identify observable and reportable external cyber threats that may be linked to internal cyber insider threat activities?
    • Does your organization have a formal incident response plan with provisions for insider threat attacks?
    • How does your organization close the gap between the initial attack, discovering the insider threat actors deeds and taking action to shut down or otherwise mitigate the event?
    • Do your CSPs have a formalized insider threat program?
    • Aside from DLP/CASB solutions, what additional data security solutions does your organization leverage to protect against insider threats?
    • How does your organization fund and staff a program office to implement your organizations insider threat policy?
    • Does the insider threat program personnel receive regular, timely access to all relevant and credible information to identify violations, areas of concern or potential insider threat matters?

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