Ready to use prioritized Legacy Systems Modernization requirements, to:

Liaison so that your process is responsible for designing and developing critical software/enterprise solutions; producing top quality code and designs that utilize technologies to implement high performing server side components/application, Legacy Modernization applications; driving, participating, and influencing architectural and design architectural and design decisions; working closely with stakeholders including project management and professional services teams to understand requirements and deliver product functionality that meets (internal) customer needs; and working directly with business users and external (internal) customers to extract requirements and design of new systems. .


    • Determine when to modernize your systems from legacy database software to data platforms built from the ground up to support digital, mobile, and cloud applications that run everywhere.
    • Move the data in legacy systems to the cloud environment without interrupting business operations.
    • Make use of technology to smoothly merge legacy core systems with new delivery models, business partner interfaces, and satellite systems.
    • Handle change management from legacy to a data driven organization.
    • Modernize legacy systems and make them relevant in a digital age with minimal risk to business continuity.
    • Consolidate and decommission systems and still meet data retention and access requirements for legacy data.
    • Broach the subject of retiring legacy applications with key stakeholders and make the business case.
    • Better involve business function system owners in security planning.
    • Handle data from incomplete business processes.
    • Extract data from the large number of systems you hold, and overcome the barriers of legacy systems that make data extraction challenging.

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