Ready to use prioritized Monetization requirements, to:

Partner cross-functionally with business units and product teams to provide value through actionable enterprise data, business intelligence, and analytics, identifying emerging trends or potential opportunities by merging internal and external data enabling monetization opportunities. .


    • Do you have a systematic way to identify the value centric data monetization strategies and to evaluate and prioritize the feasible scenarios?
    • What are the forces that will drive companies to adopt new data monetization practices?
    • How will your organization address the key risk areas of security, resilience and data leakage?
    • What are the risks to your business for noncompliance with any obligations you might have to notify of a data breach?
    • What data and compute requirements will you need to build the models for the solution?
    • How does becoming more customer centric through data analytics translate into revenue generation maximization?
    • Which software monetization methods does your organization currently use to ensure the security, flexibility, and profitability of your offerings?
    • How is your organization creating destructive demand by using data of questionable quality or that was collected by breaching privacy expectations?
    • Do you collect and use player data to increase spending or to optimize monetization opportunities?
    • Has your organization experienced any data loss or security breaches as a result of use of mobile devices or employee acquired devices?

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