Ready to use prioritized Occupational Health and Safety requirements, to:

Liaison so that your personnel leads processes in the Health and Safety Management System, including occupational health programs and hazard assessments to ensure compliance with organization laws and regulations, and company policies. .


    • Does your organization have a formal system in place for safety inspections of equipment & tools, emergency equipment and job site conditions?
    • Does your organization have a system in place for performing safety and health audits?
    • Does the project ensure that valid OHS regulations and product safety standards are observed?
    • Does the orientation process cover OHS rights and critical health and safety information prior to starting regular duties?
    • Is there an OHS Committee and/or a worker health and safety representative, or workplace health and safety designate in place?
    • What does it take for employers to adopt a health, safety and productivity management mindset?
    • How have you improved your ability to manage the occupational safety and health risks that face your organization?
    • How do you manage the safety related issues that have emerged?
    • Does the designated safety and occupational health manager have direct access to the command or director?
    • Has your workplace made changes to occupational safety and health management policies and procedures as a result of using the code of practice?

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