Ready to use prioritized Operational Risk Management requirements, to:

Develop experience assessing the design and operating effectiveness of enterprise or operational risk management programs, and/or entity-level and business process controls for Internal Audit, SOX compliance, System and Organization Control (SOC) reporting, or other risk management, compliance and assurance activities. .


    • How important does your organization think sound operational risk management practices are?
    • Do you have a formal risk management process established to support the business objectives?
    • Does your organization have operational risk management policies, procedures and standards?
    • How have you made clear in your organization who is responsible for the risk management function?
    • Does the risk management function review or have access to your organizations strategy?
    • Which communicates how the management of operational risk can enable your organization to achieve its business objectives?
    • Does operational risk management have the ability to independently stop business decisions?
    • What type of analytical and reporting capabilities does the solution you use for risk management provide?
    • Is there an effective process for reliable reporting on risks and risk management performance?
    • Does your organization have the necessary policies and procedures in place to support risk management?

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