Ready to use prioritized Performance Management requirements, to:

Make headway so that your design understands the business imperatives and translates to aspects of the people strategy including leadership development, talent acquisition and management, diversity, and inclusion, coaching and performance management, organization design, team effectiveness and change management programs that deliver measurable business impact. .


    • What impact does your organization structure have on the design and use of the performance management and control system?
    • How does your organization shift its performance management process from an annual event to an ongoing experience that aligns employee to business strategy and focuses on meaningful conversations?
    • How do you know when to improve your organizations performance management in supply chain and operations?
    • What performance management approach does your organization use and do staff feel some ownership of the process?
    • To what extent does your organizations performance management and appraisal system effectively reward employee behaviors that are consistent with your organizations competitive strategy?
    • What influence does the current performance management system have as a facilitation tool in aiding or assisting management to achieve individual and departmental goals?
    • Does the responsible person have a budget and for human performance management program for human performance management?
    • Which metric(s) does your organization use to measure the effectiveness of its performance management processes?
    • How are your reward, recognition, and incentive practices, how does your workforce performance management system reinforce a customer and business focus and achievement of your action plans?
    • Do you have policies that enforce performance management at all key levels – Corporate, Business Unit, Department Level; Section and at Individual Employee level?

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