Ready to use prioritized Physical Security Controls requirements, to:

Make sure your staff ensures that System Security Engineering industry best practices are established, implemented, enforced, and evaluated for compliance for technology and services that provide perimeter security, network security, endpoint security, application security, physical security, and data security for all information technology assets. .


    • Protect/restrict physical access to records containing organization X data, and areas where data is stored, processed, or viewed.
    • Ensure long term security of any physical hardware on which data is stored.
    • Approach the development of security policies that reflect the way networks are being used today.
    • Know your vendors have sound security practices.
    • Build systems that continue to work when parts of the system break.
    • Secure those systems which have to be out in the field in relatively exposed areas.
    • Know what security measures will be applied to your business.
    • Control where the protected data is being physically processed.
    • Protect the data with physical security, and ensure data integrity with logical protection.
    • Get management buy in for a program.

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