Ready to use prioritized Privacy Impact Assessment requirements, to:

Make sure your operation is responsible for the Information Security Department which is the Interface so that your workforce is responsible for the adherence to the required privacy and information security compliance program activities including data classification, privacy impact assessments, product and service risk assessments, vendor due diligence, data management and protection, and meeting compliance program operational needs. .


    • Protect software users privacy while using the feedback and data for testing & debugging, which may also involve information, risk, policy management issues.
    • Address data privacy for information provided to your organization as part of the cloud excellence implementer program.
    • Design the next generation of privacy tools, get users to actively use the tools, and generate data for privacy researchers to scrutinize.
    • Encourage your staff to work closely with IT in onboarding cloud services sustaining the enterprises security, data privacy and compliance objectives.
    • Balance data security and privacy considerations with the need for open access to data.
    • Balance the total comprehensive view of security Risk Management that incorporates safety as well as privacy in that.
    • Make privacy and data governance a competitive business advantage.
    • Balance the need for data on program performance with concerns about privacy.
    • Ensure data security and privacy in connected solutions that require cloud access.
    • Achieve compliance with all data privacy regulations and ensure the ethical use of data.

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