Ready to use prioritized Risk Appetite and Risk Tolerance requirements, to:

Check that your staff collaborates with business and technology teams to create and maintain IAM risk management policies and standards reflecting your organizations risk appetite and industry best practices to assure robust controls. .


    • What arrangements does your organization have in place to assess the impact on the management, governance and risk appetite of the delivery model?
    • Does the board have an understanding and visibility of how your organizations cyber risk appetite is being applied in business decision making related to AI?
    • Does your organization have a risk appetite statement or established tolerance levels for any risks?
    • Does management have the right tools to understand and communicate its risk appetite to the rest of your organization and to the Board?
    • Does your organization have a defined risk appetite statement and / or risk tolerance level?
    • How will your organization ensure that risk appetite will be forward looking and aligned with your organizations strategic goals?
    • Does your organization have a robust process for monitoring when your risk appetite approaches or exceeds defined time limits?
    • Has your organization developed formal enterprise level risk appetite and/or risk tolerance statements?
    • Has your organization clearly stated what its level of risk appetite and tolerance is?
    • Does your organization have a defined risk appetite for identified operational risk exposures?

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