Ready to use prioritized Risk Appetite requirements, to:

Confirm that your strategy collaborates with business and technology teams to create and maintain IAM risk management policies and standards reflecting your organizations risk appetite and industry best practices to assure robust controls. .


    • Practically articulate risk appetite in a way that will help guide real risk and reward decision-making in your organization, and help to embed the right risk culture.
    • Revise the risk appetite statement so that you can link it to risk culture, roll it out effectively to the business units and bring it to life for them. make it meaningful in connecting it with what they do day-to-day.
    • Capture the information you need to manage such risks (risk data and infrastructure).
    • Best work with management to set a framework for thinking about risk and setting your risk appetite level.
    • Utilise the risk management tools to help you optimize your strategy.
    • Improve board visibility of management risk planning and decision making on risk.
    • Ensure vendors have implemented security controls to mitigate third party risks.
    • Measure the performance of the business in operating within the risk appetite set by the board.
    • Ensure you have the right information to manage risk.
    • Determine that the risk management plan for AI is being fully implemented.

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