Ready to use prioritized Risk Based Controls requirements, to:

Safeguard that your staff assesses the cyber security posture of information systems according to the Risk Management Framework (RMF) including review of artifacts, controls implementation and compliance testing, interviews with key stakeholders, and documentation of the assessment results. .


    • Use risk management as a way to make your business more efficient, to reduce manual intervention, and minimise risk and control errors.
    • Control and monitor access to systems and data which are now accessible from anywhere, and by anyone with a web browser.
    • Encourage the use of technology and data for regulatory purposes.
    • Maintain control over access to data located outside of traditional organizational boundaries.
    • Test historical data if there was no audit trail.
    • Use risk assessment and management principles for Infection Prevention and Control.
    • Maintain control, minimize business risk, & maximize service quality.
    • Build a compelling business case for ERM.
    • Extend role based access control to become risk aware.
    • Know what control structures have been built into solutions.

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