Ready to use prioritized Risk Compliance requirements, to:

Develop and coordinate an organization-wide privacy risk management and compliance framework and governance structure by undertaking a comprehensive review of your organizations data and privacy process and procedures for each applicable business function to ensure that they are consistent with relevant laws and regulations and your organizations privacy and data security goals and policies. .


    • Have you assessed the impact that the regulatory change will have on your business including governance, compliance and risk management frameworks?
    • Has the compliance program been tailored to your organizations risk profile and has your organization leveraged its resources to address changing business risks?
    • How would you rate the risk and compliance culture at your organization to ensure that employees in all functions are aware of risk when making business decisions?
    • Does internal audit have a consistent and effective audit and compliance program set forth and completed over the financial risk management functions of your organization?
    • Does your organization have a system development lifecycle and validation methodology that is focused on key risk areas to assure compliance objectives?
    • Have you reached a point when some directors and boards and some governance, compliance and risk management practices have become a hinder rather than a help?
    • How do senior management assess whether your organization is in compliance with the strategy and objectives on tax risk management?
    • Does the existing risk management process tend to focus on already known risks mostly linked to internal operations and compliance issues?
    • What new risk and compliance issues is AI introducing into your organization and how does that impact your organizational risk profile?
    • Is compliance helping the business use risk management to drive value by providing insights that contribute to effectiveness?

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