Ready to use prioritized Risk Identification requirements, to:

Certify your staff is ensuring up-to-date market research and analysis is being completed to identify business opportunities and risks and ensure the realization of opportunities and risk mitigation through ownership of the commercial category management process. .


    • Does your organization have a robust risk identification and management process?
    • Does your organization have a closed loop process from the corrective action process back to risk identification and review?
    • Is there more sensitive information in or around your organization than board level information around risk identification and management of that risk?
    • Which organizations have structures enabling risk identification and treatment?
    • Are the risk identification and assessment processes repeated periodically to review existing risks and identify new risks?
    • Which methods and processes of risk identification does the undertaking employ?
    • Can risk identification and management be imparted at every level of a program?
    • How are risks identified in the risk identification stage of risk management?
    • How important are risk identification techniques to the asset management process?
    • What types or categories of risks seem to be the primary focus of your organizations risk identification process?

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