Ready to use prioritized Risk Management Plan requirements, to:

Liaison so that your team establishes architecture oversight and planning for information and network security technologies; leads development of an information security risk management program that includes business, regulatory, industry practices and technical environment considerations; establishes strategic vendor relationships for security products and services; develops enterprise-wide security incident response plans and strategies that includes integration with business, compliance, privacy, and legal constituents and requirements; provides advanced level engineering design functions; provides trouble resolution and serves as point of technical escalation on complex problems. .


    • Navigate around the unknown unknowns as business strategies and risk management build resilience and agility not only for emerging risks, and also unexpected events.
    • Deploy enterprise data management controls when using cloud storage as a centralized way to produce, consume, and harness enterprise data.
    • Model risk events that will have a material impact on your business operations.
    • Use risk management as a way to make your business more efficient, to reduce manual intervention, and minimise risk and control errors.
    • Articulate the business value of security and risk management investments/projects.
    • Improve the effectiveness of security and risk management programs as well as clearly articulate the connection between IT risks and business impact.
    • Ensure that risk management is an integral part of the planning and day to day operations of individual business units.
    • Ensure governance, risk management and capability development across partnered business arrangements, or in business models that involve several departments.
    • Apply enterprise risk management disciplines to information security and risk.
    • Build an overall vendor risk management program that can handle all of the types of data you process.

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