Ready to use prioritized Risk Management Principles requirements, to:

Secure that your staff works in close collaboration with the Cyber risk team with architecture responsibilities to develop and maintain a Cyber security architecture process that enables the enterprise to develop and implement security solutions and capabilities that are clearly aligned with business, technology and threat drivers, and lead architecture development of key Cyber risk management capabilities such as authentication and authorization, Cloud platform security and others. .


    • Does your organization have a Risk Management program aimed at third party vendors that store, process or have access to vendors are applying appropriate security measures?
    • Does your organization have an individual who is accountable for information security and who defines security processes, risk management processes and enforcement vehicles for your organization?
    • Does your organization have one or more policies and/or procedures describing how near miss report information is incorporated into future risk management assessments, as appropriate?
    • Does the senior responsible officer have access to sufficient risk management capability to provide assurance that risks to successful implementation will be dealt with effectively?
    • Does your organizations risk management process help executives and boards see related risks emerging across different silos of the business that might snowball into bigger, enterprise wide issues?
    • How do your organization leaders use climate related risk assessments to inform your organizations business continuity program, risk management systems and overall business strategy?
    • How does your information security risk management (ISRM) mediate the relation between IT capabilities and organization performance?
    • Does your organization have mechanisms in place to ensure communication of outcomes from the risk management and board assurance framework BAF to inform your organization of issues arising?
    • How does your organization secure its operation and mitigate any risk or disruption from legislation, regulation, security and any other business threats?
    • What exposure data, policy data information and loss information along with other risk management data do you manage and how far back?

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