Ready to use prioritized Robotic Process Automation requirements, to:

Make sure the purpose of this engagement is to invest in the expansion of Robotic Process Automation (RPA) by applying a variety of Process Improvement and RPA design tool, including Lean Six Sigma, Business Analysis, data collection and interpretation, and other Business Process Management tools. .


    • How to assess the suitability of a local process model for automation using RPA technology?
    • How will roles change by the use of automation technologies as RPA and machine learning?
    • Do you have future plans to do automation using microservices or APIs instead of RPA tools?
    • How prioritized is business process development in general and RPA specifically at you business function?
    • What concerns do you have about the use of intelligent automation tools as robotics process automation, artificial intelligence and machine learning tools?
    • Do you believe Robotic Process Automation tools will offer value to your tax function?
    • Does robotic process automation really help it achieve your business imperative of better, faster, for less?
    • What is robotic process automation and why will it revolutionize the human services workforce?
    • How much it involvement will Robotic Process Automation implementation require?
    • Will you utilise a change management process to implement RPA into your organization?

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