Ready to use prioritized Security Architecture requirements, to:

Secure that your team is involved in a support, operations, compliance or engineering roles in these the following Security Areas: Application Security, Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery, Cloud Security, Cryptography/Encryption/Tokenization, IAM/Access Control, Network Security, Operations Security, Risk Management, Security Assessments, Security Architecture and Design or Telecommunications. .


    • Choose the right Business Critical Services tier for your specific Core Networking, Data Center, Security, and Collaboration architecture needs to ensure you are covered.
    • Control who has access to your data once it leaves your data center.
    • Measure metrics, or look at and approach security for a position that it has to be one baked into the architecture, whether it is system, departments, culture.
    • Truly partner with the business on reducing complexity across your data architecture.
    • Design, acquire, implement and manage security solutions to provide an appropriate response to information risks faced by the business.
    • Best manage the security risk while also supporting business objectives.
    • Ensure your CSP has implemented security controls to mitigate third party risks.
    • Anticipate future security requirements, both in terms of requirements that have not been requested yet and in terms of brand new attacks.
    • Protect the information classified as private and still make use of Cloud solutions.
    • Track provenance and handle security as the data flows through the analysis pipeline.

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