Ready to use prioritized Security Information and Event Management requirements, to:

Develop experience managing security information and event management (SIEM) systems, threat intelligence platforms, security automation and orchestration solutions, intrusion detection and prevention systems (IDS/IPS), file integrity monitoring (FIM), data loss prevention (DLP) and other network and system monitoring tools. .


    • Know if an MSSP has the technology resources to meet your security needs.
    • Manage the information to help end users sense the urgency of security breach events.
    • Bring data together across the entire organization in order to reduce the impact of adverse events and improve inventory and manufacturing performance.
    • Know what data will be important to you six months from now.
    • Prove that you deployed proper security controls and that they have been active.
    • Deal with the massive amounts of information (logs, events, alerts and flow data) created by independent network and security devices.
    • Test and evaluate your security controls based on the PCI Data Security Standard.
    • Ensure accounts only have access to the services/data for which they have been authorized.
    • Control and limit access to data in cloud apps.
    • Ensure business continuity in the event of system failure.

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