Ready to use prioritized Security Operations Center requirements, to:

Administer and maintain security systems in the cybersecurity security operations center (CSOC) technology stack, including the security information and event management (SIEM) environment; OT and IT network intrusion detection systems (IDS); endpoint detection and response (EDR) tool; security orchestration, automation, and response (SOAR); cyber threat intelligence platform (TIP); and full packet capture (PCAP) servers across your service territory. .


    • Control who has access to your data once it leaves your data center.
    • Know if an MSSP has the technology resources to meet your security needs.
    • Test and monitor the security of your services and data in the cloud.
    • Prevent that a change will cause any outage. And will other systems be impacted, or cause reboots, is there a downstream impact to users.
    • Provide metrics, as information about threats that have been blocked.
    • Think the cyber threat resulting from the digital transformation will change Swiss Post.
    • Manage EU GDPR compliance if you cannot identify where your personal data is stored.
    • Evaluate and optimize your data collection capability.
    • Purge data in a secure fashion.
    • Physically protect your data centers from intruders.

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