Ready to use prioritized Security Orchestration requirements, to:

Develop experience managing security information and event management (SIEM) systems, threat intelligence platforms, security automation and orchestration solutions, intrusion detection and prevention systems (IDS/IPS), file integrity monitoring (FIM), data loss prevention (DLP) and other network and system monitoring tools. .


    • Has your organization deployed technologies designed for security analytics and operations automation and orchestration?
    • Does your organization have any information security programs in place to protect and monitor in real time sensitive documents and information?
    • Does DevOps introduce more security threats, or does it have a more risk reducing impact in your organization?
    • What metrics does your organization use to evaluate the ROI on your security orchestration and incident response platform?
    • Does your organization have a platform that enables the convergence of network and security operations?
    • How does your organization provide security assurance for defensive AI systems?
    • Does your organization ever have to ignore some security events/alerts that you believe should be investigated further and can not because it can not keep up with the overall volume?
    • Do you have detection software installed that provides you many potential threat alerts that your security team needs to validate?
    • Does your organization have security staff with SIEM expertise?
    • How does your organization contribute to the security community?

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