Ready to use prioritized Service Management requirements, to:

Oversee that your organization is responsible for continuous process improvement utilizing data from all service management activities to identify performance strengths, coloration, and trends that identify opportunities for improvement by data-driven metrics. .


    • Does your organization have business service management and generally think in terms of services delivered when considering what IT does?
    • What technologies, common platforms, and service management tools does the services team need to be effective?
    • What do you need to have in place in order to support your business objectives?
    • Why does your organization decide to use Service Management for reshaping its IT Service Provisioning?
    • Does your organization understand (shifts in) customer needs and expectations and does it innovate its service management accordingly?
    • How does your organization evolve IT Service Management in an era of on premises, cloud and edge computing capabilities?
    • What does the client organization regard as a responsible modus operandi for dealing with an incident, and does it match the view of the service management supplier?
    • How are guidelines going to be adhered to in your organization and how is your business going to manage the service management requirements?
    • How does your organization refer to the principles of service management when applied outside of IT?
    • Do your service management processes and request workflows automatically have visibility into asset information and relationships?

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