Ready to use prioritized Strategic Information Technology Planning requirements, to:

Liaison so that your design is responsible for managing all aspects of systems acquisition, installation, maintenance, training, programming, support and utilization of complex business applications; information processing; long-term and short-term range planning for key future information technology services such as enhanced Web applications, project integration, and internal applications and systems improvements. .


    • Engage different technology users in developing and implementing strategic information systems that will meet the information and support needs.
    • Ensure that your use of information technology is aligned with your business strategies, goals and needs.
    • Use emerging information and communication technologies to optimize existing business, to develop new business or to create a competitive advantage.
    • Get the most out of the information and technology you have access to.
    • Keep your data and information availability mechanisms, including software and hardware systems, current with needs and technological changes.
    • Align your business goals and your Information Technology strategies.
    • Engage technology users as research partners in evaluating and designing information technologies that meet the needs.
    • Get available knowledge and information to the people who need it and can use it.
    • Transform metrics data into business relevant information.
    • Ensure that business goals are well integrated with information strategy.

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