Ready to use prioritized Strategic Plan requirements, to:

Make sure the Enterprise Strategy team leads the strategic planning process which includes the development of mid range and annual plans that chart a path to achievement of strategies, goals and objectives. .


    • Are your organizations financial management system plans consistent with its strategic plan for your organization and does the strategic plan have top level support and commitment?
    • What other structures or processes does your organization need to support a more strategic planning process?
    • Does your strategic plan include operational improvement initiatives?
    • How does your organization use organizational performance reviews as inputs to the strategic planning process and innovation?
    • Does your organization have the right people/ resources to effectively lead cybersecurity and data privacy strategic planning and implementation?
    • Has your organization allocated enough time in the strategic planning process to assess how emerging technologies will reshape your workforce needs?
    • Does your organization have a strategic planning process that is updated annually?
    • Has your organization systematically linked its improvement goals to your organizations strategic planning and budget decisions?
    • How does your organization ensure that its strategic planning addresses key factors?
    • How do you link the results of your strategic planning or similar process to funding requests, funding allocations, and organization and individual performance assessment?

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