Ready to use prioritized Supplier Risk Management requirements, to:

Secure that your team leads risk management activities to identify, design and process risks and ensure mitigation in compliance with corporate procedures in regard to supplier activities.


    • Verify and use data from various digital channels, including the role of independent suppliers and systems in the management of digital campaigns and the verification of their results.
    • Implement a truly best practice supplier risk management program without bringing the process to a grinding halt.
    • Analyse supply chain performance from a risk management viewpoint.
    • Know supply chain risk has been addressed.
    • Know whether you would lose business or gain business if you change your service level.
    • Rate the quality of Requirements Management at your supplier organization.
    • Obtain data on product changes made by your suppliers at the material or substance level.
    • Protect employees, reduce risk and exposure, and achieve a state of business resilience.
    • Coordinate knowledge management with external partners.
    • Build a compelling business case for ERM.

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