Ready to use prioritized Supply Chain Management requirements, to:

Be sure your design collaborates closely with the platform team to ensure effective management of the supply chain (Vendors and Subcontractors) by evaluating supplier capabilities, managing supplier deliverables against project schedules, ensuring quality requirements are flowed down and followed, enhancing supplier relationships, and identifying and onboarding the right suppliers to meet business needs. .


    • Does your organization have procedures in place to ensure that all transport conveyances used for transportation of cargo within its supply chain are capable of being effectively secured?
    • What impact does your ability to manage supply chain risk have on protecting your brand, ensuring margins, moving cash, and generating revenue to assure long term growth?
    • Do the practices, processes, or systems that supply chain stakeholders use to exchange transaction information or transaction histories include or have the ability to include IoT level data?
    • Will a particular program enable the people in your organization to make significantly better decisions in less time with respect to inventory and supply chain flexibility?
    • How do you know it is time to improve your organizations performance management in supply chain and operations?
    • What is your organization doing to develop continuous improvement strategies addressing climate change and sustainability in its supply chain practices?
    • How do you make sure that your operations strategy addresses a wide range of complex issues as supply chain positioning, market opportunities and internal capabilities?
    • How do you use the historical data to get a better demand and supply chain planning process?
    • What are your organizations supply chain professionals planning in order to make sure processes are solid and the right technology is utilized for maximum success?
    • Who is to possess a deeper understanding of supply chain design, planning and operations necessary to manage risk in a more integrated, centralized and intricate environment?

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