Ready to use prioritized Supply Chain Risk Management requirements, to:

Make sure the team is responsible for the Commodity strategy deployment into the Business, and the creation of Business procurement strategy covering the Business requirements in terms of technology, footprint, in/outsourcing, cost roadmaps, supplier Risk Management and supplier consolidation and needed supply base adherence. .


    • How are climate risks and opportunities within operations and across the supply chain considered in the enterprise risk assessment and management process?
    • What impact does your ability to manage supply chain risk have on protecting brand, ensuring margins, moving cash, and generating revenue to assure long term growth?
    • What policies and processes do you have in place to identify, assess and address risks across your organization and its supply chain with respect to human rights, labor standards and modern slavery?
    • Are supply chain risks identified during the implementation of prevention and preparedness measures and were measures taken to reduce the risk of supply shortages?
    • How well have you integrated supply chain partners to speed up products to market, lower manufacturing risk and improve connected products?
    • Is a deadly serious security environment and risk averse culture supported by a portfolio of advanced cyber supply chain risk management practices?
    • Does manufacturer identify, prioritize and assess suppliers and partners of critical information systems, components and services using a supply chain risk assessment process?
    • How do you approve modelling for supply chain risk to include analysis of the wider degree of correlation, interconnected risks and macro economic trends?
    • Do managerial tools exist to provide a method to enhance current supply chain risk management over a products lifecycle using the new concept supply chain resilience?
    • Do demographic factors play a role in the choice of supply chain risk management practices by supply chain professionals?

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