Ready to use prioritized Supply Chain Security requirements, to:

Ensure you develop strong and trusted relationships with Project Managers and other team members on complex services engagements across service lines including ERP Implementation, Supply Chain Transformation, Cloud Strategy and Migration, Application Management and Business Process Outsourcing. .


    • Measure, at each phase of the development or acquisition life cycle, that the required and/or desired level of security has been achieved.
    • Avoid becoming a victim of suppliers who do not have the skills or motivation to manage cybersecurity.
    • Obtain information about your supply chain compliance requirements.
    • Better involve business function system owners in security planning.
    • Maintain security and fluidity in the global supply chain as countries implement recovery policies and plans.
    • Ensure valid security filtering on your most sensitive product design records.
    • Implement continuous monitoring over the system life cycle and supply chain.
    • Effectively estimate occurrence probabilities to support decision making under uncertainty in supply chain risk management.
    • Raise security awareness within your supply chain and ensure your suppliers adhere to security contractual responsibilities.
    • Express the risk of a mitigated security incident in financial figures.

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