Ready to use prioritized Supply Chain Sustainability requirements, to:

Make sure your organization supports efforts to build coalitions with regional and local organization and non-organization stakeholders to advocate for or against and advance policies and programming that support your business goals in collaboration with your Public Policy, Sustainability and overarching GR Team and Stakeholder and Community Management Team. .


    • If your organization has determined that sustainability in the supply chain is critical to business success, would there be a benefit in making a commitment to this in its environmental policy?
    • How important is sustainability in determining which MRO suppliers or supply chain partners your organization will work with in the next 3 years?
    • How does your organization ensure that other supply chain partners are complying with sustainability requirements?
    • How does your organization identify the sustainability design constraints created by its supply chain partners and other external factors?
    • What does the current focus on sustainability have to do with on shelf availability and costs in the physical supply chain for consumer goods?
    • How often does your organization disclose its supply chain sustainability practices?
    • To what extent will your organization prioritize supply chain sustainability efforts in which areas, post COVID 19?
    • What is your organization doing to develop continuous improvement strategies addressing climate change and sustainability in its supply chain practices?
    • Does your organization consider NSF sustainability to be the global traceable down standard and the best standard to reduce supply chain risk and provide full traceability?
    • Have you established a mechanism for stakeholders in the supply chain to bring sustainability issues to the attention of your organization and seek redress?

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