Ready to use prioritized Threat Modeling requirements, to:

Lead architecture design reviews with development and product management to incorporate effective threat modeling and security standards and tools into product design and development. .


    • What rules do you have that capture security objectives resulting from the process of threat modeling and are created with knowing what information in your design needs to be protected?
    • Do you develop cloud security standards, threat modeling methodologies, secure code practices, and processes in tandem with architects and system engineers?
    • How do you utilize threat modeling and quantitative risk analysis to formally specify and analyze the security of a self adaptive system under uncertainty at runtime?
    • When you audit your data using threat modeling, how much security is enough?
    • Do you incorporate threat modeling into the business requirements/design process of your SDLC?
    • Do you use threat modeling for new services, data and applications to find the ways business capability can be attacked?
    • What budget do you need or have to conduct a threat modeling process?
    • Is threat modeling integrated into your quality management systems?
    • How have threat models, use cases and security requirements been modified for your organization?
    • How does threat modeling keep security a step ahead of the risks?

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