Ready to use prioritized Vendor Management requirements, to:

Verify that your team is responsible for oversight and management of complex vendor relationships to ensure vendors are accountable to established performance metrics, contracts and joint business planning goals. .


    • Does your organization have a vendor management program designed to ensure the privacy and/or security practices of vendors will not threaten the integrity of your organizations privacy standards?
    • Does your organization have a risk management and due diligence process focused on vendor management?
    • Do you have a vendor management ecosystem in place together with effective sourcing governance?
    • What information do your vendors have regarding your organization and how secure is the data?
    • How do you ensure your organization understands and works to meet the objectives of your Vendor Management program, which involve onboarding, analyzing, and monitoring new vendors and current vendor relationships and the risks that could affect the business?
    • How do you manage details of vendor management for those who have any degree of network access or who hold your data by design, are audits of those vendors required?
    • Does your organization have the vendor management capability, time, and controls necessary to manage the provider and provider quality?
    • Which vendors will have the most impact on your organization if they suffer an interruption, and how quickly will the impact materialize?
    • Does your organization have supplier management related KPIs and are they visible to senior management?
    • Do critical vendors have your business continuity plan, not just for your data and for the larger business?

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