Ready to use prioritized Zero Trust Architecture requirements, to:

Certify your strategy is involved in designing and orchestration of security architecture for the deployment of systems in the cloud using different cloud deployment models including the design and implementation of security in each OSI layer and designing Zero-trust systems. .


    • How would your organizations security posture benefit if access rights could be modified in near real time to reflect the current trust level of users and devices?
    • What security measurement practices and data does your organization use to assist product planning?
    • What responsibility does the Chief Information Security Officer have in driving Innovation?
    • How does vdi provide enhanced security and better data protection?
    • Does your organization have published security standards relating to software security?
    • Does your organization currently have or are is considering a software defined data center or network virtualization platform?
    • What obstacles have data security concerns created at work?
    • Does your organization use managed security services in its cybersecurity and privacy programs?
    • How are security leaders trying to change the privacy and data security message to one of opportunity and business enablement?
    • Does the firewall support your network security policy, or does it impose the vendors policy?

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