A Brief Overview of Information Systems and Management

Information systems and management is more commonly known in the corporate world as management information system or MIS.  In fact, there are entire divisions and departments that are dedicated to managing the information systems.  This field has grown so huge and its importance has been magnified over the years that companies are investing a lot to have the most advanced information systems and management.

In the past, information systems are limited only to simple business computing processes using separate computer workstations.  Primarily, it is used for accounting and audit operations, preparation and systematization of payrolls, and data storage.  As businesses grow, their computing needs became more complex. 

There arise a situation where several business processes need to be integrated into one system.  It led to the invention of more powerful machines that have the dual capability to store huge amount of data and at the same time conduct electronic coordination and integration of separate and distinct business operations.  The server and client era thus ushered in a new concept for information systems management. 

Automation became standard operating procedure and large subdivisions of companies rely on computer systems for their daily operations.  It is in this situation that modern information systems and management came about.  It is now being practiced widely and has become a unique science in itself. 

The modern definition of management information systems is not only limited to simple computer operation.  It now involves entire corporate departments and sometimes entire companies being integrated through the information systems infrastructure.

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