Voice and discussion could be the investment for a podcast. However, there are still some things needed in order to create great podcasts. That is why some podcasters have their own podcasting setup. There are even some who have an expensive podcasting setup. This is usually composed of high-edged devices for recording and editing audio files. But for those with only a little money for a podcasting setup, they can still have their cheaper options.

Instead of using dynamic microphones or other advanced microphones, a podcaster can already use the built-in microphone in his laptop. There are also headsets that have their own microphone. These can already be used to record simple audio files.

Some dedicated podcasters have their own mixing desks. This is usually composed of two microphones, input connector for other input audio devices, equalizer, FX controls, and pan controls. This is similar to what radio broadcasters are using. However, this is not needed since a simple microphone of the headset or laptop can already suffice recording of audio files.

Also, instead of using a special or separate mp3 player, the podcaster can just use the computer to playback the audio file. Windows media player or Winamp and a good stereo can already provide what other mp3 players can give. Also, instead of using an expensive device and software to edit the audio file, a podcaster can just use his computer and some free applications like Audacity to do the same.

Previewing the audio file doesn’t require using of expensive monitor headphones. A simple headphone, the built-in laptop speaker, or the desktop’s speaker can already serve as a monitor “headphone.”

With this simple but very useful setup, who says one needs an expensive podcasting setup to create interesting podcasts?

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