Not a lot of people understand why APIs are very important to Google Adwords.  In fact, not too many people even know that APIs are part of the Google Adwords.  Well, I guess, this is one of the things that generally of Google users have in common.

Adwords API allows you to build and deal with advertising campaigns, advertising groups, and even keywords in a very effective and efficient way.  With the use of the Adwords APIs, you can effectively produce suggested better keywords for your page that can essentially produce greater traffic for your website.  

The Adwords API makes use of the SOAP technology or the Simple Object Access Protocol as its central technology for its messaging feature.  SOAP is a compatible protocol with Adwords that makes use of the Extensible Markup Language (XML) and Hypertext Transfer Protocol (HTTP).  

The Adwords API is a composition of various web service and these services have been integrated in a uniformed and collected manner in order to achieve greater efficiency.  Below are some of the web services included with Adwords API:

a.    The Campaign Service.  This web service allows any user to make, edit, modify, and list any advertising campaign.  This gives the user the capability to control any advertising action made.  
b.    The Ad Group Service.  This web service allows any user to make any advertising group, list an advertising group, and associate any advertising group with any other campaign.  Apart from that, it also allows any user to take action on those associated advertising groups.  

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