While Google.com provides quick search engine to Internet users for free it also has paid search engines for enterprise.  Google has designed Google Enterprise Solutions to help companies search and access information from all corners of the business enterprise.

Google Enterprise Solutions provide employees with the simplest, fastest and safest way to search information including intranets, document and content management systems, file servers, corporate desktops and business applications like CRM and business intelligence.

With Google Search Appliance or Google Mini search box, you are able to access the up to the minute enterprise information.  A new feature of the Google enterprise solutions is the Google OneBox for Enterprise.  Google OneBox for Enterprise delivers relevant, real-time information from enterprise sources, such as CRM, ERP and business intelligence systems, based on a user’s search query.   It provides users with secure access information from phone book listings to graphs of inventory levels and sales trends.

Benefits of the Google OneBox for Enterprise

1. Informed decisions are made faster as information from enterprise systems are easily and access on real time with the use of a single search box.
2. Able to view all sides of an issue with relevant information from multiple systems as presented in a unified user interface.
3. Focus on the subject being searched.  View only OneBox results, which are relevant to the search query.
4. Only appropriate information is viewed.  It provides access only to contents, which are allowed to be viewed, It is therefore providing secure access on control capabilities of the respective enterprise systems.

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