There are many stories about blogs being hacked on Internet. Therefore, it is important as a blogger to know some security measures to prevent this from happening to his WordPress weblog. This is especially true for those bloggers who are earning money through their blogs.  It is a sad fact that once a blog is spammed or hacked, the search engines will drop the website and its not going back in again.

Tips and Tricks

1. Initially, a blogger who is maintaining a WordPress weblog must have a back-up. The plugin WordPress Database Backup can be installed and used.
2. A blogger must upgrade his WordPress to the most up-to-date version because it contains security fixes such as SQL injection. Although bloggers might think that it’s too much work and hassle, the benefits of having these added security fixes could be beneficial in the long run.
3. A blogger must change his default passwords. It is not advisable to have the same default password that was emailed before because it can easily be cracked. Make a new and complex password consisting of jumbles of letters, numbers and symbols. A blogger must also change his password in his account login and any control panel logins.
4.A blogger must use SSH/Shell Access instead of FTP. It is easy to get hold of FTP login information, which is usually not encrypted. Because of this, people can manipulate files and even add spam to the site. The best thing to do is disable FTP and use SSH instead because the latter is encrypted.

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