If there is anything that a budding web enthusiast or entrepreneur needs, it is Google Webmaster Central. This is simply an impressive suite which features a wide host of webmaster tools that can provide you with an easy and free way of making your website very much Google-friendly. With Google Webmaster Central, you now have a way to show the Google view of your site. This is very helpful when it comes to diagnosing problems as well as letting you share the different information with other people as an attempt to improve the visibility of the site. The latter is actually quite important, because it is the key in coming up with a secure and high quality spot on the Web. The first thing that you need to know when it comes to improving the visibility of your site on Google is all about robots and indexes. Learning how the Google robots crawl and get to index your site is vital to success. On Google Webmaster Central, the Crawl info mean letting others have access to your website and check if the Googlebot visited it and what exact time. You may also use it to view the different URLs that others may have had problems in crawling and why it is so. As such, it becomes easily fixable and lets you index away without any more worries or constraints. The Robots.txt file is a way to validate the troubles that exist on the file and lets you test out the different changes that may occur from the server itself.

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