If you are looking for information or help regarding the European computer driving license or ECDL, you only need to log on to the ECDL Foundation’s website for answers. This is because the ECDL Foundation is the number one resource for you regarding ECDL. It is the primary body that governs the end-user skills certification in computer programming in Europe.

As a backgrounder on the European Computer Driving License, it is a foundation that is non-profit in nature. The ECDL Foundation dedicates itself to help raise the overall level of the entire society’s proficiency in computer use, as well as helping the rest of the citizens gain access to all that can be found in the Information Society. ECDL’s educational programs are not just limited to the European countries. Sensing a need for education outside their borders, they have expanded their service to cater more than one hundred and forty eight countries worldwide. This foundation is also registered in Ireland and as such, promotes the highest standards in the certification of computer skills in the entire world.

The success behind ECDL lies in their reputation, which was built solidly on their pioneering role in both identifying as well as developing the program content of computer skills certification. Clearly, the ECDL Foundation is committed to making very rigorous test designs as well as methodologies in order to maintain their high standards of quality. It also has offices in other countries such as Dublin, Singapore and Brussels and is easily accessible via the Internet as well.


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