In doing search engine optimization, it is important that the website owner or the webmaster knows how the system works. For example, if the site’s search engine optimization efforts are targeted for Google, he should know how to best market the site to Google. In other words, one should know the criteria that Google follows in indexing the sites to include in search results. This is very important so that one can optimize the website effectively. He can customize the website so it will satisfy each criterion. Fortunately, Google webmaster tools are available for free for such purpose. This suite of webmaster tools gives information about the website. Any problem relating to the indexing of the website is indicated. Also indicated is the number of pages the index contains. There is also a list of all pages that links to the website. With these data available to the webmaster, he can analyze which ads and banners are effective in bringing traffic. Any problem can be corrected to increase site traffic too. Another webmaster tool that Google offers is the keyword suggestion tool. This will help the webmaster to use the keywords that will bring more exposure and more traffic to the site. By using the more popular keywords, the site will appear more in search results. Again, these tools are provided by Google for free. So, webmasters can take advantage of them and be more efficient in bringing in more traffic with lower costs. They will be able to build more Google-friendly websites. And they will be able build more successful and profitable sites as well.

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