Proactive AIX Analysis for System p / Power
The IBM Power challenges
The Proactive AIX Analysis Solution
A fully automated report of IBM AIX, PowerHA & PowerVM
When do you need PAA?
PAA Delivery Flow
The IBM Power challenges
With IBM System p / Power, you expect high availability, interoperability and a high-performance environment.
With IBM System p / Power, you are establishing virtualisation and parallelization of operating systems, applications and storage.
With AIX Operating System, which is optimized on IBM Power Hardware, supported by PowerVM to manage virtual storage paths and PowerHA to ensure high-availability in outage cases, you can meet all these requirements.
Microcode, Host Bus Adapters (HBAs), AIX, PowerVM and PowerHA have dependencies in communication, parameters and interoperability.
Each component has its own Technical Levels, APARs, PTFs, etc. Thus your Operating Team does not always have the time and required skills to analyze this information into a holistic environment set-up.
With a preventive service to check software components, IBM supports you with an up-to-date configuration report based on IBM Technical Support Services best practices using the worldwide IBM knowledge database through automatic and dynamic processes.
The Proactive AIX Analysis Solution
Proactive AIX Analysis is a fully automated report generator.
Based on the LPAR snap files you provide, IBM will analyze and generate reports:
Reports are generated for AIX, PowerVM (VIO) and PowerHA (HACMP).
The report contains a table with an overview of the current information from the provided snap files compared with the IBM Support knowledge database.
The review outcome and potential findings will be reported.
No software tool or agent has to be installed to gather the required information.
You will get a report for each LPAR in Adobe PDF format.
A fully automated report of IBM AIX, PowerHA & PowerVM
When do you need PAA?
To ensure the continuity of your business :
Your system must be installed and configured correctly
Virtualizing solution must be configured correctly
High availability solution must be configured correctly
All systems must be on a latest and supported fix level
Solve performance balancing issues
Reduce business complaints

Trigger questions:
Is IT availability a significant competitive factor for you?
Which service level requirements do you have?
Do you have the required resources and skills to manage the increasing IT complexity and availability requirements?

PAA Delivery Flow
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