A General Overview of Enterprise Architecture

Enterprise architecture has many different ways to go about providing solutions to different companies. To put it in simpler terms and as a way to provide a sort of overview of the entire complex system, enterprise architecture can consist of the different types of structures as well as processes that can be found in any kind of organization or company. Following this train of through, the enterprise architecture model will help to depict the company or the organization into a clearer picture of what it presently is and what route it will take in the future as envisioned by the members of the company.

It will also map out the different views that represent the architecture when facing other establishments. Such views will also include the business-oriented perspectives and the technical or information technology or IT perspective. Enterprise architectures are, in many ways, a form of model that can stand as a very strong bridge of communication that helps to link up both the senior stakeholders of the business as well as the senior information technology professionals. Enterprise architecture may also be seen in different terms and in different lights. Sometimes the term enterprise architecture may also be used to refer to a committed group of people that has the responsibility for modeling and later on documenting the architecture of the company. Another way of using the term enterprise architecture is to denote the actual process of doing the work itself   and by this, we mean the models, the reusable items (frameworks, objects, components, among others) and the documents that will help to reflect the exact architecture itself.

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