Businesses fork over thousands upon thousands of dollar just so they can hire the services of six sigma black belts without realizing that even the ones who hold green belts can actually carry out their implementations. Sure, black belts have more top notch qualifications, what with their being on top of the ladder and all, but the greatest thing about being a six sigma certified quality assurance specialist is that even at the green belt level, certain levels of quality and upheld and maintained. If companies actually thought about this then there certainly will be a lot more green belt holders in their very own ranks rather than outsource the experts.

In truth, some companies do provide six sigma green belt training to their employees, and such measures have proven great success in terms of phenomenal implementation results  a fact that validates the effectiveness of such a concept. Additionally, these businesses have also experienced a substantial reduction in the overall costs of their project implementation  due to the fact that they no longer have to hire six sigma black belts and bow down to their demands of a higher pay. If this continues, there will certainly be a lot more in house green belt training in most industry playing corporations, and will ensure that their levels of quality will always be maintained. At the same time, companies will be able to save on more resources which they can then put to another good use. And that is, as always, great news for everyone involved.

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