Some say that podcasting is a very tedious process. One has to record audio files from different sources, then collect these files and make them as one audio file. Hours of editing should be spent to make a complete podcast. After, the podcaster has to upload it to his website and then advertise for that to acquire some subscribers. This seems to be a very long and tedious process especially if the podcaster is still new to podcasting. But there is a way to easy podcasting for those who are planning to start podcasting as a simple hobby or a business.

The very first step to easy podcasting is getting the right equipment. The basic things needed to produce a podcast are microphone, sound recorder application, audio editing program, uploading utilities, and computer. Some more advanced podcast may use high-end equipment like special microphone instead of a simple one or better audio editing software instead of a free audio editor. Although a beginner can use these, experts suggest that they use free and cheaper options. Through this, the beginner on podcasting can learn some ways and techniques on how to use these basic equipment and may also know which of the many options is better for podcasting.

When all these needed equipment are already acquired, it’s now time to create a podcast. Then, the audio file will be edited and finalized. Next will be the uploading of the audio file. There are free tools like the FeedBurner to upload the audio file to the podcaster’s website. Having a free website is also possible with free blog service sites like WordPress and Blogger.

The last step is promoting of the podcast. This can be done through submitting the podcast’s link to some directories or posting it to social networking sites.

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